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Reduce 100% of your Guest’s Hotel Stay CO2e Emissions Today

The CLC Lodging Card*, with Clean Advantage® Lodging, is an eco-friendly program that automatically reduces 100% of your guest’s room CO2e emissions from their hotel stays. Once you join the Clean Advantage® program, your property will support a variety of initiatives, across numerous projects, that sequester CO2e locally and around the world. By joining the Clean Advantage® Lodging program, you too can promote your property to CLC Lodging’s thousands of clients and more than 13 million hotel nights annually booked.

*As always, your CLC Lodging Card provides your property with simple guest check-in, electronic billing, secure transactions, and more.

Benefits to Your Property:
  • Improved Employee Retention
  • Increased Customer Loyalty
  • Be an Industry Thought Leader
  • Solicit New Business
  • Increased Market Share
  • Competitive Differentiator
  • Pre-Empt Regulatory Pressure
  • Increased Brand Value

CLC Lodging, Working Together to Provide Exceptional Lodging Services

CLC offers a variety of electronic and manual processing options to meet your needs. For example, by connecting to CLC Web App, you get real-time traveler authorization and the speed of electronic billing. In addition, you can check on the status of your CLC billings online. CLC’s sophisticated systems simplify and streamline the entire process, making it easy for your hotel to accommodate CLC travelers.

Who We Are

Clean Advantage® Lodging is a turnkey sustainability program, brought to you by CLC Lodging, FLEETCOR, and GreenPrint. This program automatically calculates your occupant’s hotel stay CO2e emissions and reduces them through proportionate investments in projects that sequester CO2e from the atmosphere, providing your hotel the Clean Advantage®.

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See What Your Guests Are Saying

Today’s consumers are increasingly demanding sustainable initiatives from the brands and companies they support. The result is that companies across the world are taking notice. Read below to see what some industry leaders are saying about sustainability and the benefits a sustainable program. Don’t forget to sign up for the Clean Advantage™ Lodging program to take advantage of the over 13 million room nights booked through CLC Lodging annually.

  • “We embed the three pillars of sustainability into our strategy, our key performance indicators, how we reward people. Our buying people have KPIs on the percentage of sustainable sourcing, we measure how many small-holder farmers we employ, we measure the full impact of water, carbon, packaging, waste, of all of our products and reward our people for moving in the right direction.”

    Paul Polman, CEO at Unilever

  • “We continue to be the impressed with Clean Advantage. Today, Clean Advantage provides our company a unique competitive differentiator and allows us to “check the box” on sustainability without having to invest in expensive programs, products, or hardware.”
    David L.
  • “84 percent of consumers globally say they seek out responsible products whenever possible.”

    Cone Communications

  • “I love knowing that my employees are planting trees and doing good every time we stay at a hotel with our CheckINN card. The discounted rates plus the sustainability package has made the card a no brainer.”

    Dylan K.

  • “Global consumers are willing to put their money where their heart is when it comes to goods and services from companies committed to social responsibility.”

    Nielsen, 2015

  • “If I learned that a company was making a great effort to adopt environmentally conscious practices, I would be more likely to purchase that company’s
    products or services.”

    Gibbs and Soell

  • “We get the occasional request to see what our company is doing for sustainability, staying at hotels with the Clean Advantage program has allowed us to check that box with no effort and an extremely low cost.”

    Kelsey M.

Simple, Turnkey, and Low-Cost

We offset carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions by investing in a growing portfolio of reforestation, alternative energy, biomass, and other projects both locally and globally. By performing all the heavy lifting, the Clean Advantage® Lodging program provides your hotel property a simple and powerful corporate sustainability offer for your corporate clients. Let us win you new business today!

  • Support – Working out the exact amount of CO2e your customer’s hotel stays are producing can be a very complex process, but with the the Clean Advantage® Lodging, we take care of this worry for you.
  • Simplicity – Once you join the Clean Advantage® Lodging program you only need to check your CLC Lodging account for updates and additional information.
  • Scale – No customer is too big or small. We are always happy to select unique and local projects when available.
  • Build Goodwill – Participating in the Clean Advantage® Lodging program will allow you to market your sustainable efforts to both your customers and community.
  • Annual Carbon Reduction E-Certificate – At your request we are happy to provide annual e-certificates that document your customer’s CO2e reductions.
  • Expertise – GreenPrint and The Arbor Day Foundation are world leaders in bringing reduced emissions projects, certified by United Nations protocols and governing bodies such as the Verified Carbon Standard, to fleet’s such as yourself. As a member of the APX Carbon Registry, GreenPrint has a publically visible listing of reduced emissions projects, the credits retired for their clients, and documentation relating to project length, type, auditing, and CO2e reduction.

Sustainability Made Easy for Hotels

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